Perth’s bike polo hipsters

Black rubber tyre marks left on the carpark markings, used as a pitch for bike polo matches in Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia. (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)


Model Released - Ned Collins, Perth bicycle polo player (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Model Released - Derek Holland, Perth bicycle polo player. (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Bicycle polo match in action (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Rear wheel shadow on the concrete floor (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Bike Polo, Western Australia.

Atop a multi-story car park, between a high school and university build, in the middle of Perth, each week a small group of committed hipster bicycle enthusiasts meet up and practice what is a relatively new sport in Australia, even though its has been around for well over 100 years.

It has become so popular in Australia, that even the most remote city on the planet has heard of the sport with 3 on 3 matches played with furious energy to an electronic soundtrack beating against a hot concrete environment, all until the sun goes down.

I decided to head along to one of the sunday meets to find out what it was all about. really happy with the set of images I walked away with, and kind of want to go out, buy a ‘fixie’ bike, and hit some balls around!

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