Perth’s bike polo hipsters

Black rubber tyre marks left on the carpark markings, used as a pitch for bike polo matches in Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia. (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)


Model Released - Ned Collins, Perth bicycle polo player (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Model Released - Derek Holland, Perth bicycle polo player. (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Bicycle polo match in action (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Rear wheel shadow on the concrete floor (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Bike Polo, Western Australia.

Atop a multi-story car park, between a high school and university build in the middle of Perth, each week a small group of committed hipster bicycle enthusiasts meet up and practice what is a relatively new sport in Australia, even though it has been around for well over 100 years, bike polo. 3 on 3 matches played out with furious energy to an electronic soundtrack until the sun goes down.

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