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Last year, about a week before Christmas I was wondering whether I would make it home to my family in Somerset, snow was predicted and I had a long drive from London ahead of me. This year could not of have anymore different, one week to go again and here I am dodging the sharks, snakes and spiders (though they are Christmas spider’s) with a tan that makes me look like I am still wearing a t-shirt when I am not wearing a t-shirt! It certainly didn’t feel like Christmas even if a jolly fat man in red keeps popping up during the ad break. Surreal, Yes, simultaneously turning the channel to watch the start of a snow covered Christmas flick whilst reaching for the air-con remote to take the edge off by a couple of degrees. Surreal is a word I have been using a lot.

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A few days in Mombasa

A Few Days in Mombasa Secretly I have always liked a quick turnaround, disruption of the status quo makes life more interesting I always find. That said I had two weeks notice to go do a shoot in Migori, Western Kenya, which also meant running around sorting all my jabs and tablets too as I […]

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