Brits Abroad

Brits Abroad (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Brits Abroad in Japan.

A few days in to Japan I was starting to turn my attention to the people I was traveling with. In particular the very Britishness of a group of English tourists away from the homeland during the world cup. Not trying to distance myself from them (well apart from the association with football), far from it I was completely guilty of being a Brit abroad as well. I decided to start photographing a few Cliches I noticed on the trip:

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Brits Abroad (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Chris carries Janes bag (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

  1. July 18, 2010

    I love the pics, what a shame you didn’t manage to get the Mary Poppins bag in any of the pictures! Never mind, particulary like the one of Dad…….