New York – in the city

Escalator in New York's Time Square (©2011 Philip Hill)

New York, in the city.

New York… was,  well what can i say, it was a blast. Loved it.

A bit further from all the action than I would have liked,the dizzying heights of east 129th street proving a good excuse for a walk though, and a proper explore of the city, It was great to watch the relative suburbia of Harlem turn into the very recognizable Manhattan skyline along the way.

I landed at JFK and found it was unusually warm for the time of year, for that day at least, although there was snow on the ground still, left over from the severe cold the northwest of America had been experiencing and looking like it wasnt about to go anytime soon. Aiming to keep the transfer as short as possible I headed straight towards the hostel in my first ever yellow cab to dump the bags, then straight into the thick of it and Times square, only to discover that everyone appears to want to sell you tickets to a comedy show. Apart from this however the Square was very impressive to a first timer, much like London’s Piccadily circus it serves as a neat collection of advertising billboards (this is the USA), but also a good central point in which to branch out from, New Yorks very effieciant grid system of ‘blocks’ aiding any tourist on their  wandering travels. A trip to Coney Island, and all the snow that came on the last day will be next…

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 (©2011 Philip Hill)
girl walks through Bethesda terrace arcade in Central Park, New York (©2011 Philip Hill/Phil Hill)
New York City sign (©2011 Philip Hill/Phil Hill)