Japan, one year on…

view of kiyomiu dera temple,kyoto japan (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

view of kiyomiu dera temple,kyoto, japan (Philip Hill/Phil Hill

Japan… A year ago, already!

A year ago last week I embarked on my 5 week trip to Japan. Such an amazing country and I thought it would be a good idea to re-list my posts from my time there. If only to show how beautiful it is, and I am sure it will be again when they recover from the recent disaster in the north. Stay safe Japan.

I traveled around the southern part of the country on Honshu Island, concentrating on the metropolis of Osaka, the visually stunning Kyoto, and then on to the holy Japanese cities of Mt Koya & Nara.

Out of the many countries that I have had the privilege to visit, and photograph, this is up there as a top location. I was even able to view the famous Sakura Cherry Blossom season that intensified the beauty of the country. Pretty in pink!

Below are a collection of blog posts I made whilst I was over there. All the nostalgia makes me want to start plotting my return immediately

My favourite Japan:

Brits Abroad
Mt Koya and Nara
Ninja Picnic
Buddhist Shrine near Ise
first shots