Suburban Perth Australia

Enjoy a backyard that's 3 times bigger sign. Perth Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Million dollar sand pits – Suburban Perth Australia

Welcome to Australian suburbia, expanding fast. With the mining boom came the need for new homes for those flocking to the Western Australian capital and its economy. Unfortunately the new areas are sterile, baron, and completely bereft of any proper infrastructure. Like a cross between a 1950’s American dream poster and the perfect homes in Tim Burtons Edward Scissorhands. The interesting question now is will it last? Major resources companies are already starting to feel the stretch, scaling back due to a slow down in Chinese manufacturing.

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New Lamp posts ready for instalation, Perth Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Industrial estate lots in the Darch suburb of Perth (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Brand new home built. Perth Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

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