Replicas Dance



Replicas Dance performance. Stockton International Riverside Festival

I have just spent a few days in the surprisingly summerly north of England to photograph the interactive contemporary dance performance ‘Replicas’

I shot a series of ‘set up’ images to promote the show and covered the shows during the Stockton International Riverside Festival.

REPLICAS uses real-life text messages from three couples at various stages of their relationships as inspiration for dance duets, each exploring how we communicate in the digital age. Raw text messages, videos and photos are sent to audiences in real time, giving us an inside view of the on-stage relationships.

Live Text allows audiences to follow each storyline before and after the show. Through inventive ballet and breaking inspired choreography, REPLICAS examines questions at the forefront of our culture: how communication is changing in the digital age, what is to be lost and what can be gained by our new intimacy with technology and what is the role of touch in our time – can we be touched by technology?