“Hey all, I am a good belly dancer, I am an Arab so belly dance runs in the family! I wish I could work at special schools for belly dance, or even give private lessons.. 30 dollars an hour. Cheers”

“Hi, I would like to form a group of people which comes together to discuss the big “meaning of life” question. I have little ideas regarding how that could be organised, other that I think it would be great to meet once a week to discuss issues what gives us meaning in life – would be great to hear from you (and to hear from people from very different backgrounds). This would be free, of course, but with some commitment, please”

“Hi I am 22, from the uk and living in the Fremantle area. I have always wanted to kite surf. Looking for a teacher. Doesn’t have to be professional just want help to get started reasonably cheap. I wakeboard, snowboard and skateboard so think I’ll pick it up fairly quick. It’s just the kite i’m most worried about! Any help or advice would be appreciated :) Thanks”

“I have been doing tarot by myself on and off for 3 years now. I would like to take it a step further by reading for others. I am looking for people who are willing to be read.”

“We have an unopened bottle of Heinz Big Red squeezy tomato sauce someone left here after a barbecue. As we already have 3 bottles of the stuff we’ve decided to give it so someone in need. If that person is you, get in touch and it’s all yours. Serious applicants only. No angry squeezers”

“Hi, was just wondering if anyone could give me a free haircut today before 3pm, so if your training in a salon and want someone to practice on give me a call”

“I am trying to find a TATTOOIST in PERTH who specialises in CELTIC styles. I am hoping to find someone who can do my Scottish heritage proud IE; knot work, zoo-morphic etc. Let me Know if you have any suggestions or recommendations. Thanks in advance”

“Are you separated or divorced and want to network with other dads living in the South Perth area? Whether you’re looking to meet other dads for play dates, catch up for a weekend drink, or simply have someone else to share your experience with, give me a call, be great to hear from you.”

“Hi, I’m a girl (early 20s) who just relocated to Perth, and I would love to find someone who genuinely would love to go rollerskating, maybe in Fremantle? I didn’t bring my skates with me, so it would have to be at a skate deck. I love disco and having a good time.”

“Rock hobbyist looking to expand small rock collection, willing to pay for good specimens.”

Project: Classifieds

Gumtree (much like Craigslist) is a place for renting, buying and selling. Sometimes, it is a place to reach out and find people who share similar interests to your own. Living in Perth, Western Australia for a time, I noticed a lot of these ads on the site – Perth being a place where many people have migrated to intent on create a new life and finding others to share it with.

Classifieds has featured in Petapixel and Mail online.