The Pathos of Distance: I


“The Pathos of Distance” explores how we coexist in the same space yet live to our own individual rhythm – the idiorrhythm of separation. It is my idiorrhythm to a place where I lived for some time but do not feel connected; a generational sense of tenuous job security and the liminality of the rental trap. However, a separation of community has a tangible meaning for all of us, under the conditions of pandemic and the limits it has placed on our civil liberties. My disconnect is a shared experience and for those with a stake in the community; in order to save it, we must remain distant from it.

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Stephen, Watford Deaf Society (Window #2198)
Billy, Barber (Window #2236)
Cephas, School Caretaker (Window #2207)
Helen, Volunteer litter picker (Window #2233)
Mark, Elim Food Bank (Window #2225)