The Wessex Grand Prix

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This series follows the Somerset Carnival circuit, aka ‘The Wessex Grand Prix,’ one of the oldest traditional lit processions and considered the largest in the world. It is an impressive spectacle of ritual and performance, yet largely unknown outside of the region.

The participants of these carnivals have been involved for many years, sometimes over many generations of the same family, committing through time and financial investment, forming close community bonds.

This work is part of an ongoing series looking at community, called ‘Joiners’ (working title).

  • Oscar waits for the start of the afternoon procession to begin.
  • Checking light during setting up for the evening procession
  • Cart Mirror, North Petherton
  • Preparing a caterpillar for the North Petherton Carnival
  • Imogen waiting for the afternoon procession of the Frome Carnival to begin
  • Imogen waiting for the afternoon procession of the Frome Carnival to begin
  • Cart at North Petherton Carnival
  • Part of a cart and costumes covered in plastic to protect them from the rain
  • Rose and Tractor
  • Dean Sainsbury dressed in Union Jack flag and Tarten hat.
  • During the Frome Carnival on 21/09/2019. Part of Wessex Grand Prix: Somerset Carnival Circuit
  • Light Show
  • North Petherton
  • Rory, Carnival Prince Attendant
  • Support Crew
  • Category 1 & Box of Light Bulbs
  • One of the carts preparing for the evening procession
  • During North Petherton Carnival
  • Trevor knight and Pam Parker, Fire Gods.
  • Will dressed in his Beaver uniform,
  • Dave had traveled from Taunton to take part in the Frome Carnival