Canada Topographic

Summer in Canada

We are firmly moving into the abysmal grey that is a British autumn. I like to be reminded of the fantastic summer I just had visiting my wife’s family in Canada. This trip, I managed to squeeze in some time to make some images in the style that always appealed to me when starting out in photography. A few topographic landscapes that signal the aesthetic of a country I steadily love more and more with each visit.

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In other News…

I will soon be starting a MA Photography course and have created an online creative journal called ‘Sketchbook’ to support my studies. Come and see what I am up to in the coming months.

Revisiting Japan on Instagram

Sunset in Mie Prefecture, Japan

Following on from the gallery edit I created for my website, I have started to share many of the images that I created in Japan nearly 10 years ago. Instagram wasn’t even a thing when I took these trips, sharing the images only to my blog and maybe a few to other sites (the defunct Flickr, perhaps?!). Instead of letting the images languish on a hard drive, I have decide to spend some time sharing them again through my Instagram profile: @philhillphoto with the hashtag #philphotographs

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Portrait: Jen as Humpty

Portrait of Dancer Jennifer Essex dressed as Humpty Dumpty for a new Children's theater show in the North East
Commission: Portrait of Jen dressed as Humpty Dumpty

I was asked to shoot a series of promotional images for Children’s Theater company ‘Fully Booked Theater‘ for their new show titled ‘Once Upon a Wall, a new take on the familiar nursery rhyme. You can view more of those images via the Fully Booked instagram

I decided to shoot a more formal portrait between the silliness. I love the surreal juxtaposition of the serious pose whilst dressed head to toe as an egg!

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