Why do you keep a photograph that wounds so deeply?

You have to realise that I live a rather strange life at the moment, which one day might change.

This… is not going to trouble me anymore.

There is more but I am going to write it all down for you to find after I die.

Unreliable Narrator

Unreliable narrator considers the stories we tell to ourselves and each other. We are all fallible, all unreliable.

The project began with the reminder of a 20-year-old question; one that I was far too young to comprehend at the time.

Why do you keep the photograph you cut if it wounds so deeply?

Upon looking through a family album, an image stood out from the rest. One of the aging 6×4 photographs was defaced, designed to keep its silence, yet the spectre of the missing piece shouted loudly. Hidden in the partial absence of this benign family photograph was a far more complex narrative – potentially the semblance of an answer.

Unreliable narrator is a journey to discover the answer to a family secret, navigating different truths, beliefs and half-told stories.

Unreliable Narrator comprises of a book consisting of photographs and a short story insert, which can be read together or independently.

Read ‘The Latchkey Kids’ short story, which accompanies the above series (Opens in new tab to view photographs alongside text):