Pigs Ear Tavern, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

When you first glance the outside of the Pig’s Ear, even when you walk through the door, you are unsure if this is a place accepting of anyone other than the most hardened local! Especially when I had just spent the majority of my time in Peterborough walking the streets on a food tour, sampling the local micro breweries craft ale, and leisurely punting around Little lake on a stand-up paddle board. Still, I was assured THIS was the place to go. And it definitely was! From the first pitcher of beer in mini glasses, to the impossibly hard quiz I don’t think anyone could have answered (was it the beer, or sour grapes?!). The Pig’s Ear proved to be a warm and welcoming highlight of the trip to Ontario, and a place I hope top re-visit when I return.

Thursday night: Quiz night. At the Pig’s Ear Tavern, Peterborough:


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Canadian street hockey nets

Walking around the hockey net filled Canadian suburbs.

Hockey is everywhere. I am told that there isn’t an NHL team, even in the US, that does not field at least one Canadian player on the ice. And where there is no ice, like during the hot summer months, the sport is still played out in the streets, the skates replaced with wheels.

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Getting ready: Photographic Portrait Prize

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015

Just a quick preview of what I am going to enter into this years Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. These are just test prints coming off a large roll inkjet printer, not the final medium I intend to print my work on (possibly opting for a digital c-type print). I really wanted to get a sense of scale of my images and it was really nice to finally see these images of the Essex sisters super sized in all their glory!

Good luck to everyone who has entered this year.

2016 Update: Unfortunately, I did not make the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. However, I did make the cut for this years Portrait Salon and was exhibited in The Embassy Tea Gallery, London and The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo (February 2016). Really pleased with this outcome actually as my images have had the opportunity to exhibit internationally!

Jess Essex photographic portrait prize  
Jen Essex