Pigs Ear Tavern, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

When you first glance the outside of the Pig’s Ear, even when you walk through the door, you are unsure if this is a place accepting of anyone other than the most hardened local! Especially when I had just spent the majority of my time in Peterborough walking the streets on a food tour, sampling the local micro breweries craft ale, and leisurely punting around Little lake on a stand-up paddle board. Still, I was assured THIS was the place to go. And it definitely was! From the first pitcher of beer in mini glasses, to the impossibly hard quiz I don’t think anyone could have answered (was it the beer, or sour grapes?!). The Pig’s Ear proved to be a warm and welcoming highlight of the trip to Ontario, and a place I hope top re-visit when I return.

Thursday night: Quiz night. At the Pig’s Ear Tavern, Peterborough:


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Canadian street hockey nets

Walking around the hockey net filled Canadian suburbs.

Hockey is everywhere. I am told that there isn’t an NHL team, even in the US, that does not field at least one Canadian player on the ice. And where there is no ice, like during the hot summer months, the sport is still played out in the streets, the skates replaced with wheels.

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Instagram – Margaret River

Sauvigon Blanc tag in a vinyard. Magaret River region of Western Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Stretch of tree lined road in the Margaret River region of Western Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Salmon Beach near the small village of Windy Harbor, Western Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Driving Margaret River, Western Australia. Instagram

In March I was on the road again. On assignment, photographing all the wonderful food and wine treats that Western Australia’s Perth and Margaret River region has to offer, lots of amazing vineyards and fine dining experiences, not to mention all the ‘black gold’ or Perigord black truffles. Bundled into a large camper van for little old me, I had a great time driving around the region ticking off all the locations on my pretty large shot-list. Incidentally  I also created a time-lapse from the passenger seat of the van which I’m now editing.

The feature will be out in May together with a few more of my images from the shoot. In the mean time, here are a few Instagram images I took along the way.

Perth & Margaret River: Instagram | Western Australia | Instacanvas | @philjhill Instagram profile  | Tumblr: Postcards

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