Nobody expects the Madrid inquisition

Edificio Metrópolis, Metropolis Building at the corner of the Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Experiencing the center of Spain, Madrid.

It’s the third day into what has become a fairly challenging shoot, and I’m just emerging bleary eyed from Banco de España metro station at 6am, to catch an early morning shot of the Edifico Metropolis building in the Gran Via area of Madrid. A few spots of rain as I walk up the steps has me thinking this might turn into the wash out of two nights earlier, I was in need of an underwater housing that night. On the plus side, an excuse for another coffee break, becoming a common theme on this trip dodging another heavy shower to the sound of street hawkers shouting ‘Paraguas’ (umbrella) for anyone unfortunate to think that Spain be rain free. The camera never lies as the saying goes, I was telling plenty, picking my moments, working around the fact that everyone around me was wrapped up for Christmas, huddled underneath any sort of shelter. It was an understatement to say that Madrid was un-characteristically cold for the time of year.

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The London Borough of Frome, Somerset

Crocker and Woods coffee shop on St Catherine Hill in Frome, Somerset. (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

St Catherine’s Hill, Frome, Somerset

In 2010 a little known metal detector hobbyist was pottering about a well-furrowed field on the outskirts of a small rural Somerset/Wiltshire border town. Stopping to investigate an unusually large signal he then proceeded to dig up one of the largest historic Roman coin hoards discovered in the UK, a pot containing 50,000 bronze and 5 rare solid silver coins that became known as the ‘Frome Hoard’. It was certainly a surprise for the town of its namesake, though not completely unfamiliar with notoriety, still able to throw to catch you off guard. Continue reading