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Tear Sheet – Frome, Somerset for Thai Airways

Frome, Somerset words and picture commission for Thai Airways inflight magazine 'Sawasdee' (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)


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Tear Sheet – Condé Nast Traveller

Images of Frome, Somerset, UK for a feature on Somerset for Condé Nast Traveller UK (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

St Catherine’s Hill, Frome, Somerset for Condé Nast Traveller magazine.

Just over a month ago I shot a set of images on my home town of Frome in Somerset, smack bang in the middle of the English countryside. It’s an interesting place, making a bit of a name by enticing city types to sip coffee and try on vintage wares. Continue reading

The London Borough of Frome, Somerset

Crocker and Woods coffee shop on St Catherine Hill in Frome, Somerset. (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

St Catherine’s Hill, Frome, Somerset

In 2010 a little known metal detector hobbyist was pottering about a well-furrowed field on the outskirts of a small rural Somerset/Wiltshire border town. Stopping to investigate an unusually large signal he then proceeded to dig up one of the largest historic Roman coin hoards discovered in the UK, a pot containing 50,000 bronze and 5 rare solid silver coins that became known as the ‘Frome Hoard’. It was certainly a surprise for the town of its namesake, though not completely unfamiliar with notoriety, still able to throw to catch you off guard. Continue reading