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Beach huts in Southwold, Suffolk, England (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)


The other day I glanced an article in ‘TNT’ that was lying around the kitchen on the top 5 British beach destinations to visit. Southwold in Suffolk was an area of the country I have never been to before and one of the featured beaches, so off I drove.

Later on, on a stop off to look at one of the stunning Suffolk windmills that inhabit the countryside I spotted a ‘beware of the dog sign’; cue a small white fluffy dog bounding out from the courtyard where it had been sunbathing making an enormous racket and in my opinion quite out of character for such a sweet looking dog. Cue me walking up to the dog, hand out stretched, uttering the words ‘what a lot of noise from such a small dog’ . To my complete shock and surprise a duo of stern looking Rottweilers came out from behind a wall of the same courtyard and looking extremely annoyed I had picked on the little guy making me double back very quickly. Its easy to act tough when you’ve got the canine equivalent of Mike Tyson times two backing you up. Needless to say I gave them all a wide birth on the way back to the car.

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