Tear sheet – Garuda Colours Inflight magazine

Garuda Indonesia in flight magazine 'Colours'
Gili Meno feature – words and images for Garuda Indonesia inflight magazine ‘Colours’

Gili Meno for Garuda Indonesia inflight magazine.

If you happen to find yourself flying with Indonesian airline Garuda Indonesia this month, look out for my latest published feature on the middle of a three-island archipelago, Gili Meno. Not to worry though, the magazine is readily available online for a read too.

Garuda Colours May

You may also notice that I tapped out the words for this article:

“A small boat forges a path across the channel, turning its wake from turquoise blue to a cooling white spray. The slow-moving vessel sets the pace, closing in on a white strip of sand over at Meno Harbor in front of us.

The island of Gili Meno is part of a small three-island archipelago off the northwest coast of Lombok, made up of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, with Meno in the middle. It’s the smallest & least developed of the Gilis, attracting hardly any tourists, its ultimate appeal.”

Check out the tear sheet

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