Portrait: Jen as Humpty

Portrait of Dancer Jennifer Essex dressed as Humpty Dumpty for a new Children's theater show in the North East
Commission: Portrait of Jen dressed as Humpty Dumpty

I was asked to shoot a series of promotional images for Children’s Theater company ‘Fully Booked Theater‘ for their new show titled ‘Once Upon a Wall, a new take on the familiar nursery rhyme. You can view more of those images via the Fully Booked instagram

I decided to shoot a more formal portrait between the silliness. I love the surreal juxtaposition of the serious pose whilst dressed head to toe as an egg!

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Replicas Dance



Replicas Dance performance. Stockton International Riverside Festival

I have just spent a few days in the surprisingly summerly north of England to photograph the interactive contemporary dance performance ‘Replicas’

I shot a series of ‘set up’ images to promote the show and covered the shows during the Stockton International Riverside Festival.

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London for Air BnB

City Of London

London, UK. For Air bnb.

I shot a series of images over the course of three days to promote boroughs of London for Online and app based holiday accommodation company Air BnB. I had to cover 10 Boroughs, with a quick turnaround, highlighting all the sights in different ways: food, culture, and the character of the UK’s capital. Along with my assistant, we covered around 50,000 steps and the great proportion on the vast metropolis! It was a lot of fun, and I feel like I have managed to capture London in ways I have not thought to look before. A fun shoot.

Images below:

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Tearsheet – BBC Panorama – Phil Hill Photographer

BBC Panorama

Film Photo Shoot (Yes, Film!) For BBC Panorama

I shot a series of images onto film that were featured on a recent episode of BBC’s current affairs program, Panorama. The series of images were used as props in the episode for a sequence shot in a photographic darkroom about recent terror attacks in Europe.

I also appeared in the episode, developing images and hanging them up to dry. A glittering hand modelling career awaits!

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If you would like to commission this or any of my work please feel free to email me: philhill@philhillphotography.com