London for Air BnB

City Of London (Phil Hill)

London, UK. For Air bnb.

I shot a series of images over the course of three days to promote boroughs of London for Online and app based holiday accommodation company Air BnB. I had to cover 10 Boroughs, with a quick turnaround, highlighting all the sights in different ways: food, culture, and the character of the UK’s capital. Along with my assistant, we covered around 50,000 steps and the great proportion on the vast metropolis! It was a lot of fun, and I feel like I have managed to capture London in ways I have not thought to look before. A fun shoot.

Images below:

Tower Bridge. Southwark, London. No Release (Phil Hill)

 (Phil Hill)

London Bridge and Shard. City Of London (Phil Hill)

Buckingham Palace. St James's, London. No Release (Phil Hill)

St James's, London (Phil Hill)

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