Western Australia in a Campervan (time lapse)

Britz 'Voyager' campervan on the old Vasse highway near Pemberton, Western Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

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Song: ‘Fed To The Lions’ by Tax The Heat
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Driving Margaret River, time lapse.

1,332 kilometres in 5 days (or, 827 miles). Fairly straightforward, in one the trip should take nearly 17 hours, and I had 120 to spare. Well, that’s not including all the photography, sleeping & eating that I had to do as well.This kind of assignment highlights just how large Australia is, and Margaret River is still a relatively close getaway to the WA capital Perth.

In a camper van, overland, it will take time (and some cash too), however this is how Australia begs to be seen.

I really wanted to highlight the distance travelled over that week, so I set up a camera in the passenger seat and had it chimp away (roughly every 3 seconds for those who want to know) for the entire trip for the above time lapse video. I used a small Canon for the job, the footage is a bit rough as a result, however serves a purpose. I hope.


Great band ‘Tax the Heat’ very graciously allowed me to use the song ‘Fed to the Lions’ for the video, many thanks to Alex and the guys for that!

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Stretch of tree lined road in the Margaret River region of Western Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)


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Britz campervan Toyota Hiace, Western Australia (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)


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