Instagram Collage Montage

 (Phil Hill)

Instagramming Montage

I have spent the past year or so playing with Instagram’s three image across format as it is displayed on most devices.

Inspired by the great photographic collages & montage images of artist David Hockney, and the analogue contact sheets of photographer Thomas Kellner, I decided to experiment using the Instagram square format in a naturalistic way, shooting scenes of at least three images from a fixed position, instead of cropping an existing image. It’s been a lot of fun coming up with new images to post, albeit with varied results, over all committing to shooting at least three Instagram’s has been a good discipline in keeping my account from becoming stagnated!

If you would like to see more, the images are best viewed on a mobile device, as opposed to a computer (sign of the times!), that will display 5 across and ruins my finely tuned collages! All of the photographs shown on my instagram account have been created, edited, and uploaded using a smartphone, mostly in situ.

I use the hashtags: #montage #contactgram #collage when posting my images to the app.

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Montage image of the Shard building in London using the Instagram mobile phone app (Phil Hill)

Montage of a red London Routemaster and Somerset House in London made up of many images using Instagram mobile phone app. (Phil Hill)