New Instagram

@philhillphoto on Instagram

I have just set up a new Instagram account that focuses on my recent street images. So, essentially it is there to promote everything analogue using an all digital platform:

I have been using Instagram since 2011 without a great deal of focus in the type of images that I post. The plan is to create a strictly edited and curated page that shows only the relevant and best images that I have created. At the very least, come and have a  laugh look at the illustration I have for my profile pic! Actually, I can’t believe that I hadn’t changed the name of my page to Phil Hill Photo before. It makes so much more sense.

Keen to engage more in the conversation, it would be good to get in touch and collaborate with anyone also using Instagram to share analogue images. I will be using the hashtags: #philphotographs #analoguephotography #filmisnotdead  among others.

As always, more of my images are available to view in the many galleries on my main website. The focus of @philhillphoto is going to be analogue and street photography. For more commercial stuff and anything that shows that I am capable of shooting an image with a level horizon can be viewed there:

@philhillphoto on Instagram