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Weymouth, 2018. Street Typology

Analogue Photography


To use a quote from an action film (first for this blog despite how corny that is!) “You’re a Timex watch in a digital age!” Hmm, I kind of like Timex watches, even though they only produce quartz watches these days (I actually sold mine and bought an even more analogue automatic, so what does that say!).

Analogue Film photography has come back into my practice in a big way. I have been in a very lucky position to re-embrace the medium, it has been a lot of fun to get back into ‘slow’ photography again.

Collected posts and links related to analogue and film photography practice:

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I have started a new page that focusses on sharing my analogue photography outputs:

@philhillphoto on Instagram

To explain in more detail:

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One of my analogue images was selected to be part of Print Swap and is also available as a fine art photographic print through Superfine Prints:

Most of the images available on the main site are also available to purchase as fine art prints.

Does it have to be in focus:



Street shots, from the hip and completely non-precious about it:

Point and Shoot

I was commissioned to produce a series of mugshots using the traditional methods of Film and a darkroom, for BBC’s Panorama television documentary series:

Tearsheet – BBC Panorama – Phil Hill Photographer

When I spent an amazing summer in Ontario, Canada. I only really photographed using an EOS 50e and Olympus Trip 35:

Canada on film


Film photography Galleries:


Analogue delights from on of my visits to Canada, mostly Ontario. I used a lot of Agfa Vista 200 (Now discontinued) in an Olympus Trip on this trip.

Euston, London. Lith Film Experiment

High Contrast image of London shot on Lith 35mm black and white film

This is what started the whole thing. I Stumbled across a bulk roll of old kodalith Ortho Type 3 film. A really high contrast stock designed for name plates and the like. Instead I went ahead and experimenting with shooting it outside on the streets. With mixed abstract results!


film photography street topographics

The most fun I am having with a camera is how I am shooting since the birth of my daughter. Just taking a camera out and not being super precious about it. Ok, I have been reading Geoff Dyer and looking at New Topographics style images.

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