Tear Sheet – Blue Wings magazine (Finnair)

Blue Wings in flight publication of Finnair
Jumping crocodile image for Blue Wings in flight publication of Finnair

Snapping crocodiles for Blue Wings magazine.

For the summer issue of Blue Wings Magazine, inflight publication of Finnair. I contributed a ‘Travel Moment’.

One of the best places to see a crocodile in the wild is along the Adelaide River between Darwin and Kakadu national park in Australia’s Northern Territory. According to the boats skipper “the only water you’ll catch me swimming in has tiles on the side”. During feeding time it’s easy to see why!

The second best place to see a jumping crocodile is in Blue Wings magazine, hopefully whilst jetting over to the amazing Northern Territory!

Up the road from where I took this image is Kakadu National park, which is the size of Wales and home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world. not to mention some really important aboriginal sites and impressive ancient cave painting locations.

Check out the summer issue of Blue Wings magazine

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