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Australian working holiday visa feature for the May issue of Travel Longer magazine, words and images.

Australian working holiday feature for Travel Longer magazine.

iPad publication Travel Longer magazine has published an article I wrote based on my experiences of travelling in Australia on a working holiday visa:

“Someone walked passed me recently wearing a t-shirt that read ‘A bad day on the water is better than a good day in the office’ quite possibly referring to surf culture (this is Australia after all), however the quote can be applied to much in life I think. For me it sums up the very spirit of being an ex-pat living in another country.”

A fairly new magazine, Travel Longer is only 5 issues in and already drawing the likes of Ami Vitale, Ken Kaminesky, and the legendary Magnum photographer Steve McCurry as contributors (…and me?). A nice feature, I’m happy to be published in such esteemed company.

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