Revisiting Japan on Instagram

Sunset in Mie Prefecture, Japan

Following on from the gallery edit I created for my website, I have started to share many of the images that I created in Japan nearly 10 years ago. Instagram wasn’t even a thing when I took these trips, sharing the images only to my blog and maybe a few to other sites (the defunct Flickr, perhaps?!). Instead of letting the images languish on a hard drive, I have decide to spend some time sharing them again through my Instagram profile: @philhillphoto with the hashtag #philphotographs

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Japan, one year on…

view of kiyomiu dera temple,kyoto japan (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)
view of kiyomiu dera temple,kyoto, japan (Philip Hill/Phil Hill

Japan… A year ago, already!

A year ago last week I embarked on my 5 week trip to Japan. Such an amazing country and I thought it would be a good idea to re-list my posts from my time there. If only to show how beautiful it is, and I am sure it will be again when they recover from the recent disaster in the north. Stay safe Japan.

I traveled around the southern part of the country on Honshu Island, concentrating on the metropolis of Osaka, the visually stunning Kyoto, and then on to the holy Japanese cities of Mt Koya & Nara.

Out of the many countries that I have had the privilege to visit, and photograph, this is up there as a top location. I was even able to view the famous Sakura Cherry Blossom season that intensified the beauty of the country. Pretty in pink!

Below are a collection of blog posts I made whilst I was over there. All the nostalgia makes me want to start plotting my return immediately

My favourite Japan:

Brits Abroad
Mt Koya and Nara
Ninja Picnic
Buddhist Shrine near Ise
first shots

Brits Abroad

Brits Abroad (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Brits Abroad in Japan.

A few days in to Japan I was starting to turn my attention to the people I was traveling with. In particular the very Britishness of a group of English tourists away from the homeland during the world cup. Not trying to distance myself from them (well apart from the association with football), far from it I was completely guilty of being a Brit abroad as well. I decided to start photographing a few Cliches I noticed on the trip:

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Brits Abroad (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Chris carries Janes bag (Philip Hill/Phil Hill)

Japan; again

Woman holding an umbrella in Ise, Japan (Phil Hill)

Back to Japan.

There is nothing quite like unbearable humidity to let you know you’re  back in Asia but even so I stick by what I said before, Japan is an utterly beautiful country. I was going over some old ground on this return trip but it was still fresh and exciting which left me with the post trip blues on my return and the desperate urge to start planning where to go next (watch this space).

It was good to arrive back in Osaka and the initial shock of  the Japanese transport system first time meant that all the stress was left at the airport (in London I might add). Into Dōtonbori and the Glico man for some Takoyaki, one slight concern for all things Japanese though is when it comes to food (and other things) everything is individually wrapped which can extremely irritating and now that we live in these green conscious times is such a waste and completely unnecessary. A brief stint around the castle the next morning and then headed back off to the amazing Seiwa, to my surprise even after 5 weeks the countryside has turned into as many shades of lush green as I know how to count absolutely stunning, not long till I realized why everything was able to grow so rapidly… Rain. Apparently June is the rainy season in Japan I think I will agree with that statement as it rained a lot, in Seiwa surrounded by all the mountains it actually looked like one of those text book weather cycle diagrams you saw during science class at school. Reluctantly the decision was made to revisit Ise but don’t get me wrong it was an amazing place in it own right personally I felt a slight anti-climax when we discovered you are not allowed to even see what it was you were there to see in the first place, the grounds and forest walk are worth it though even in the torrential rain. Rounding the trip off we took a boat trip around Toba and took in the view along with the many pearl rafts of Mikimoto which incidentally is where the first ever cultured pearl was created. One  last word however, thursday night… what a great night and party! To the Beatles loving Guitar player your version of Stairway to heaven and spanish guitar was brilliant even after copious amounts of green tea liqueur… thanks.

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